The North is a place where legal resources can be particularly difficult to access. In many cases there may be a web-based starting point for your quest for an answer to legal problems.


This page is intended to be a growing a collections of links that may help you find answers to your questions about legal matters. If you have a suggestion for a link that might be useful, let the Lawdawg know and he will post it on this page.


Three critical starting points for information about our Criminal Justice System are

These are all laws that have been enacted by Parliament and have application across the country.  These three pieces of legislation are the backbone of the work performed in Criminal Courts.


However, these rules are not applied in a vacuum; every day in Superior, Provincial and Territorial Courts across the country, they are fine-tuned to make them meaningful and fair to the people whose lives are governed by them.  This fine tuning is often done by Judges who give oral reasons for decision in hundreds of decisions about Canadians’ lives on a daily basis.  However many judicial decisions are recorded and can be used by other judges to reason to a conclusion in similar fact situation.  For years, this recorded jurisprudence was available only in law libraries, but now, it is becoming increasingly accessible via the internet.


The most important free source of this information is CanLII (Canadian Legal Information Institute) a database of legal decisions maintained by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada.   If you want to see how a rule has been applied or a legal problem solved, CanLII is an  incredible resource.


CanLII also maintains a current database of federal and territorial legislation.