Alternative Justice

Indigenous Justice – Part 2

Reindeer in the delta


Is putting people in jail the best way to enforce the law?  The fact that the NWT and Nunavut have the highest crime rates in Canada, followed by Yukon, suggest that there is something the justice system is missing.

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Indigenous Justice – Part 1

Sunrise on the delta


Huge kudos to CBC North!  It has tried to ignite a discussion about aboriginal justice by hosting an “Indigenous Justice Forum” in Yellowknife on April 27th that featured a documentary about Tony Kalluk – “Tony: Back from the Brink”.


Although the documentary suggests that Tony has managed to get his demons under control, I am not sure that is the case; only time will tell.  The more important message is that Tony is not a bad man making deliberate choices to engage in criminal misconduct – rather he is a simple man with a wife and kids who is struggling to deal with issues that seem to overwhelm him.  Sending a Tony (or Antoinette) to jail, it seems clear, is only going to harden the heart and fuel the anger making it increasingly difficult for to get to the core of what needs to change to live successfully in a community.

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