CBC Interview – Police Use of Force: where is the line?

From CBC News North

A Northern lawyer with a long history defending accused people in Nunavut and the N.W.T. says training and experience are two factors that could help prevent cases of excessive force by police.

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I Have A New Question On My Intake Form

Circuit Court Workhorse


Circuit Courts fly into a community, dispense justice and fly out.  Criminal lawyers who do circuit work face serious challenges in making sure that their clients get proper assistance.  Time pressures sometimes make for client meetings that are rushed and it is always important to record as much detail about the client for my own purposes and for the lawyer who may next have the file.  I am not the only lawyer to use an intake form to make sure I cover all the bases.


Wally and Stevie claimed that Billy kicked in their door and struck both of them with a stick from a tree. Stevie ended up with a head injury that required 5 stitches to close. Wally and Stevie both gave statements to police; they said that they kicked Billy out of their house for being drunk and obnoxious following which he returned, kicked in the door and then hit Stevie with a stick.  When he went to Stevie’s assistance, Wally got hit with the same stick.


My client is Billy.  He has no phone so I could not speak to him before I flew into the community to defend him at the trial scheduled to take place during the two-day circuit.

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