The Lawdawg in the Courts

The Lawdawg has been to Court once or twice –

these are some of the decisions the Lawdawg has been part of:


R. v. McFadden,Β 2016 (not yet cited in NWTC)


R. v. Durocher, 2016 NWTSC 17 (CanLII) β€” 2016-03-04 –Β cross-examination β€” inconsistencies β€” premature end β€” defence β€” witness


R. v. Durocher, 2016 NWTSC 16 (CanLII) β€” 2016-03-04 – similar fact evidence β€” sexual assault β€” anal intercourse β€” probative


R. v. Betsidea, 2016 NWTSC 5 (CanLII) β€” 2016-01-14 – specified in the undertakingΒ β€” detention β€” current charge β€” person




R. v. St. John, 2015 NWTSC 57 (CanLII) β€” 2015-09-25 – placement of the screen β€” witness β€” courtroom β€” jury β€” reviewability


R. v.Corrigal, 2015 NWTSC 22 (CanLII) β€” 2015-05-13 –Β parole ineligibility β€” sentencing β€” pre-sentence report β€” violence β€” yesterday


R.v. Bourque, 2015 NWTSC 48 (CanLII) β€” 2015-10-01 – friends β€” will β€” sentence β€” manslaughter β€” family


R. v. S.J.(M.), 2015 NWTSC 43 (CanLII) β€” 2015-08-13 – victim β€” sentencing β€” jury β€” sexual assault β€” time


R. v. Prodromidis, 2015 NWTTC 24 (CanLII) β€” 2015-11-26 – officers β€” fine β€” sentencing β€” obstructing β€” lobster


R. v. Bill Prodromidis, 2015 NWTTC 18 (CanLII) β€” 2015-10-06 – obstruction β€” safety officer β€” ferry β€” engaged in carrying β€” execution of his duty


R. v. K.K., 2015 NWTTC 16 (CanLII) β€” 2015-07-31 – sentencing circle β€” officers β€” imprisonment β€” residence β€” door


Olson (Re), 2015 CanLII 65239 (NWT LS) β€” 2015-06-25 –Β Law Society NWT – professional misconduct β€” conduct deserving of discipline


R. v. Angel Anne Martel, 2015 NWTTC 4 (CanLII) β€” 2015-03-10 –Β purse β€” crack cocaine β€” powder cocaine β€” baggies β€” grams


R. v. J.D., 2015 NWTTC 6 (CanLII) β€” 2015-04-07 – 4-year-old victim β€” major sexual assault β€” offence β€” four-year starting point β€” shed




R. v. St. Germaine, 2014 NWTSC 52 (CanLII) β€” 2014-07-30 – charged with sexual assault β€” interview β€” caution β€” police β€” told


R. v. Gargan, 2014 NWTSC 62 (CanLII) β€” 2014-09-17 – alcohol β€” assault β€” pre-sentence report β€” violence β€” victim


R. v. Matthew Jager, 2014 NWTTC 20 (CanLII) β€” 2014-07-18 –Β crack cocaine β€” trafficking β€” sentence β€” drug β€” proceeds


R v. Nadli, 2014 NWTSC 71 (CanLII) β€” 2014-07-11 – victim β€” sentencing β€” remand β€” guilty plea β€” offence


R. v. Nadli, 2014 NWTSC 47 (CanLII) β€” 2014-07-11 –Β remand time β€” bail β€” credit β€” sentencing β€” assault causing bodily harm


R. v. Clarke, 2014 NWTSC 53 (CanLII) β€” 2014-05-26 – drinking β€” will β€” probation β€” sexual assault β€” alcohol


R. v. Gary Stephen Wedawin, 2014 NWTTC 14 (CanLII) β€” 2014-05-13 –Β qualified technician β€” alcohol β€” blood β€” approved instrument β€”


R. v. Wanazah, 2014 NWTSC 64 (CanLII) β€” 2014-09-22 – probation β€” weapon β€” assault β€” victims β€” will


Chwyl v Law Society of Nunavut, 2014 NUCJ 9 (CanLII) β€” 2014-03-31 –Β choice β€” mobility β€” non-resident lawyers β€” legal β€” bail




R. v. Vernon Frederick Firth, 2013 NWTTC 16 (CanLII) β€” 2013-08-15 – drunk tank β€” prisoners β€” cell β€” sentencing β€” bedding


R. v. Lepine, 2013 NWTSC 19 (CanLII) β€” 2013-02-27 –Β pre-sentence report β€” victim β€” sentence β€” major sexual assault β€” aggravating


R. v. G.S., 2013 NUCA 5 (CanLII) β€” 2013-03-01 –Β evidence β€” alcohol β€” drinking history β€” anonymized β€” blackouts


R. v. Joseph Kenny, 2013 NWTTC 18 (CanLII) β€” 2013-08-26 –Β information β€” shipments β€” known to sell drugs β€” edited β€” confidential informant




R. v. Lepine, 2012 NWTSC 87 (CanLII) β€” 2012-12-11 –Β convictions β€” jury β€” record β€” probative β€” credibility


R. v. W.A., 2012 NUCJ 12 (CanLII) β€” 2012-06-27 – firearms β€” seizure β€” assault β€” residence β€” search


R. v. Kringuk, 2012 NUCJ 20 (CanLII) β€” 2012-11-19Β period of parole ineligibility β€” life β€” abuse β€” rifle β€” anger




R. v. Oakoak, 2011 NUCA 4 (CanLII) β€” 2011-07-14 – sentencing β€” jail term β€” aboriginal β€” offender β€” spouse




R. v. K.A., 2010 NUCJ 21 (CanLII) β€” 2010-10-18 –Β assault β€” front door β€” forced intercourse β€” panties β€” bedroom




R. v. Akana, 2009 NUCJ 18 (CanLII) β€” 2009-06-17 – aggravated assault β€” detention β€” presumption of innocence β€” bodily harm β€”tertiary ground




R. v. Koaha, 2008 NUCA 1 (CanLII) β€” 2008-03-26 –Β interpreter β€” sentence β€” jail β€” translated β€” answers




R. v. Lafrance, 2007 NUCJ 21 (CanLII) β€” 2007-08-17 –Β bottle was thrown β€” hit β€” dashboard β€” seat β€” seating


R. v. Haniliak, 2007 NUCJ 3 (CanLII) β€” 2007-01-16 –Β offender β€” report to his probation officer β€” sentence β€” challenges β€” intoxicants


R. v. Tessier, 2007 NUCA 5 (CanLII) β€” 2007-10-22 –Β reasonable steps β€” sexual activity β€” ascertain β€” extricable error β€” question




R. v. Amegainek, 2006 NUCJ 2 (CanLII) β€” 2006-02-22 –Β agreed statement of facts β€” guilty plea β€” pre-sentence report β€” circuit β€” breach of probation




R. v. Hakungak, 2005 NUCA 5 (CanLII) β€” 2005-10-11 – hearsay β€” navut β€” isno β€” ajury β€” cross-examination


R. v. Wiseman, 2005 NUCJ 20 (CanLII) β€” 2005-10-07 –Β circuit β€” delay β€” defence β€” police β€” breach


R. v. Klengenberg et al., 2005 NUCJ 19 (CanLII) β€” 2005-09-14 –Β legal aid β€” caution β€” detainee β€” conscripted β€” preliminary legal advice


R. v. Horne, 2005 ONCJ 333 (CanLII) β€” 2005-05-06 –Β sealing β€” must be most zealously guarded β€” variation β€” editing β€” warrant


1990 – 2003:

ThisΒ is a list of the Lawdawg’s litigation work in Ontario


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